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DOUBLE TAKE: Affirmative Blacktion: An Interracial Takeover

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Color me Bad Brandon Lee in Affirmative Blacktion


(Channel 1 Releasing/All Worlds Platinum,

As long as there’s porn, America never needs to worry about being post-racial. “Can’t we all just get a-schlong?”

MANUEL: With homemade Internet porn all the rage, it’s daring to make scripted porn with corny dialogue, a bow-chicka-bow soundtrack, overzealous dirty talk, and edited-in “fuck face” close-ups. But this movie is so old-school, it’s almost retro-chic.

ROD: Tattooed black-on-white action and tons of salad tossing—what better way to spend the day? I know there’s a plot here, but seeing Mitchell Rock getting his ass eaten and fucked in the graveyard scene, I barely noticed anything else.

MANUEL: Porn graveyards are full of plots; they’re just not very deep. This one is about discrimination and retribution. Rock demands payback from gorgeous Eddie Diaz, the lazy, late-on-his-rent black man (his opening non-sex scene with Sharon Kane is very funny), so Diaz literally puts the white man up on a pedestal to suck his dick. To return the favor, Rock kills Diaz.

ROD: When Jimmy Durano worships muscle bottom Matthew Rush, it’s all tats and ass. Then Rob Romoni is back and looking better than ever, getting eaten and fucked by porn veteran Aron Ridge.

MANUEL: I love Channel 1 for being willing to “go Asian” in a mainstream release. Brandon Lee shamelessly channels Ken “The Hangover” Jeong in his Fu Manchu portrayal of the “evil oriental” (which was really funny—in 1950), but this Asian bottom is sexy naked. Rod Daily and Matthew Rush sample Lee’s delights, and you know half an hour later they were probably hungry for more.

ROD: 4 splats
MANUEL: 3.5 splats