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DOUBLE TAKE: Point & Shoot

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Some guys are so hot that you just have to grab your Canon and start shooting.

MANUEL: When Jimmy Durano and Trevor Knight accidentally use the same digital camera on a trip to San Francisco, it’s fellow vacationers Landon Conrad and Dean Monroe who find the pics and discover just what their buddies were up to.

ROD: I’d like to point and shoot on almost all these boys, especially Jimmy Durano, whose perfectly muscled and tattooed ass graces three scenes, or gorgeous Cameron Foster, whom Trevor Knight lures off the basketball court and into bed with the promise of a free photo shoot. By the time the perfectly blond Foster was on all fours in his tighty-whiteys with Knight’s tongue knocking on his back door, he had to know this wasn’t a bed so much as a casting couch.

MANUEL: Don’t forget Alexander Garrett, a chiseled, curly-haired Columbian who looks remarkably like Michelangelo’s David—although Garrett’s stones and slingshot are more Goliath than David! Garrett makes the most of Marc Dylan’s perfect muscle-body as Durano plays cameraman.

ROD: Once Conrad and Monroe finally get down to shooting their own scene and Conrad’s tongue and dick start playing their part all over Monroe’s sweet parts, it’s a wrap.

MANUEL: Director Tony DiMarco is at the top of his game, and it shows. This small-scale, simple-concept movie could easily have been just another generic, forgettable release. But with great cinematography, excellent editing and hot sex, Point & Shoot is picture perfect.

ROD: 4 splats
MANUEL: 4 splats